Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!!!! Feliz Dia Madre Tierra!!!

Mi son loves "Mother Earth" and lately he's been worried about what he can do to help take care of her. I'm going to buy some flowers to plant them and call the city to find out if there is a program we can help with.

Mi hijo ama a la "Madre Tierra" y últimamente ha estado muy preocupado de que cosas puede hacer para ayudar a cuidarla. Voy a comprar algunas florees para plantarlas y llamar a la Presidencia Municipal para saber si hay si hay algún programa en el que podamos ayudar.

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Sarah C. said...

How wonderful that Seth cares so much for the world around him. :) I think planting flowers is a great idea. Do you all already recycle? If so, you could involve him in helping with it and, if not, you all could start doing so.

And, good job on the blog - I think it's fixed! :D