Friday, April 16, 2010

Artes Laura- Blog Hop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! English

Artes Laura 1st. Blog Hop
17- 18 April 2010

Artes Laura 1st. blog hop

We thank you for participating on this, the first blog of Artes Laura

It this is your first stop... you need to go HERE!!!!

Hi, I’m Tere

I’m originally form Mexico the beautiful, but I’m currently living in USA.
I’m happily married to Danny and we have one beautiful son named Seth.

Like most of you, I love this hobby… I could say than more than a hobby is an addiction… don’t you agree? Hehehehe

I’ve been scrapping for several years now. I enjoy sitting in front of my small table… I love the smell of papers and the feeling of glue on my fingers.

Being part of Artes Laura's DT makes me very happy, because everyday I get to meet people from different parts of the world. And we all share the same hobby

Ok, back to the blog hop…

Artes Laura is giving away a fabulous prize to a fortunate person who complete the following 5 steps:

1) Visit the DT’s blogs and find the “Secret phrase”! Each participant has a fragment of the phrase. The order of the hop has been designed to complete the phrase.

2) Leave a message in the post correspondent to the blog hop, in each of the DT’s blogs.
3) Become a follower on each of the DT’s members blogs
4) End the blog hop at Artes Laura's Forum , and post the “Secret Phrase” and what do you like about the blogs you visited. You don't need to be registered for this step.

5)This, is optional, Register on Artes Laura's Forum . If you do, your name will be enter for a “surprise giveaway”!!!!

This blog hop ends Sunday April 18 at 3:00 pm PST

These are the projects I created for the hop:

"Spring picture frame"

" Welcome Spring"

Can you tell I love glitter?

"un lugar para" ;)

SPECIAL NOTE: If for some reason, there is a technical difficulty on a blog, just go ahead to the forum and post the phrase as you have it.

Your next step is: Isa



Rebep said...

q mono el marquito!! me gustan mucho las florecillas q le has puesto!

ya apunté tu trocito de frase, voy a seguir con el siguiente blog!!!

Buen dia!!

mercedes said...

Tere me encanta todo lo que haces, tienes unas manos y una imaginacion estupenda, gracias por todo lo que nos enseñas

KA said...

Tere como estas???????? ahora soy yo que quiere que le ensenes como hisistes el pajarito me encantoooooooooo wao que bello yo quiero uno asi o mejor me haces uno ami, please besitos ami

lulupampina said...

Estoy recien conociendo esta tecnica y me encanta lo que has echo