Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Little Word 2012 - Blog Hop

Happy New Year!
Welcome to this blog hop, dedicated to a new adventure for 2012!
You should be coming from Nikki’s blog.
I was going to tell you all how come I fall of the wagon during
2011, but decided not to do it, it is a little depressive and right now
I feel really happy with my word for 2012.
This time my word selected me, in fact I wasn’t going to
participate this year, but one day at church, after listening
to a very good talk… there it was… JOY ! The word appeared in my head
and then I felt it my heart. That moment, I knew that JOYwas going to be my OLW for 2012!! But, because Spanish
is my first language, I’m going to use

So, that is my goal and word for this new year… Joy…

The letters, butterflies and frame were cut from two very
pretty papers, and I’m very proud to say that they were manufactured
in México by this brand new but very promising
company called: Texturarte

Now… to continue with the hop, please visit the blog of
Melissa S.
And here is the list of all the participants:
Cynthia H
Monica B
Tere << ME
Melissa S
Jenn L
Have fun blog hoping!!!


JennL said...

welcome to the olw blog hop, tere! i love that your word is in your native language, very cool. i am excited to see where joy takes you this year. happy 2012!

♥...Mo...♥ said...

Feliz Año Nuevo Tere... Que este año sea de bendiciones transformadas en salud y amor para ti y tu hogar!
Un abrazo gordo desde Vzla ♥

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Tere. Welcome to the OLW blog hop.
Happy New Year.

MonicaB said...

Welcome to the blog hop! I look forward to seeing were Gozo takes you this year. Happy 2012!

Nikki Sadler said...

Welcome to the OLW gang - love your word and your first page - I look forward to seeing how Gozo appears in your life during 2012 xxx

Karen said...

Beautiful title page and such a lovely word to keep all year!

jillconyers said...

Wonderful choice of words for 2012! And your title page is perfect to begin your journey.

Sharyn said...

How fun - I love seeing words in other languages. Have fun with your Gozo!

Cheri said...

Joy is such a beautiful word. I look forward to sharing your journey with it this year!

ScrappnBee said...

I hope that 2012 brings you much joy or muchos gozo (and that is the extent of my Dora the Explore Spanish). LOL! Have a great OLW year! We are here to keep you on track! -Amanda

jamie said...

great word.
i wish you much success with it.
great cover page.
very fun with the butterflies.
feels like you are already having fun with your word.


María Castillo said...

Mucha suerte, yo también escogí la mía o como dices,me escogio a mí: FE. Una brazo

Ytzia A. Gómez said...

Hola Tere hace tiempo que no pasaba por tu blog y me he perdido de cosas lindísima vaya que eres un excelente artista, y no podía perderme la oportunidad de desearte todo lo mejor para éste 2012.


Jeremy and Samantha said...

You are going to have an amazing 2012 and I think your word choice is perfect and those papers are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog hop! Love your word and your sweet page. Here's to a wonderful new year :)

Rebekah said...

Glad you are back on track for the new year! Wonderful word choice!

Mucherino said...

great word. i wish you much success with it. great cover page. very fun with the butterflies. feels like you are already having fun with your word. blessings. ~j